Sarah is a photography graduate of The University of Central Lancashire. She works primarily with analogue, both medium and large format, using traditional, darkroom processes and alternative techniques including lith printing, polaroid lifts and solarization.

Sarah's work finds influences in the pre-Raphaelite art movement and pictorial photography from the early twentieth century. She is inspired by a wide range of photographers, from Edward Steichen and Paul Strand to Abelardo Morell and The Starn Twins.

Sarah is drawn to the beauty in her subjects, such as those of the human form and of architecture . The ethereal and abstract effects of light upon her subjects are a major part of her work. The aesthetic of an image is another key factor. Sarah believes the creative process is as important as the finished print.

Sarah's plan for the future is to travel and photograph as many beautiful sights as she can, hoping to one day take a camera obscura van around Europe. She will continue to explore alternative processes and has recently set up her own darkroom to make this possible.